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Rebekah Florence / Vessy Mink / Amilia Spicer / Alexandra Seelye, Atlas Supper Club, Los Angeles, 5/30/98

In keeping with tradition, let me make a few comments about the club, since I hadn't been there before. At first glance, perhaps an unlikely place to go see a show - the club is set up in kind of an odd fashion, with the little stage way over on one side of the club, and the bar waaaaay over on the other side of the club, separated by a sea of tables where Hollywood types had their martini-fueled dinners, full of blazing cellular extravaganza. Very nice decor, very nice club, but I wish I could have been closer to the show. (Make reservations if you intend to eat there...)

Without much waiting, the moderator took the stage, and within minutes, the entire audience, to a person (I did a quick, informal poll of the woman next to me and extrapolated), wished for her quick, untimely death. Although her verson of "How many roads must a man walk down before they call him a cab?" had some redeeming qualities, evidently, she did not get the memo that we have all heard *every* Clinton joke by now. So that's my opinion on that. On with the music.

If you don't mind, I'm just going to blast through the first three...Rebekah Florence - really neat backwater country sound a la Gillian Welch or Freakwater. Vessy Mink - fabulous name, interesting tattoos, somewhat angry vocal presentation which I wasn't in the mood for this evening. Amilia Spicer - the only pianist of the bunch (the others all guitar folks), but unfortunately the background noise kind of drowned her out - what I heard sounded nice, though.

Alexandra Seelye - Alexandra Seelye doesn't need a backup band. A lone acoustic guitar suits her just fine. Actually, she doesn't really need a guitar, either. She can rock the house acapella if she wants (and she did - whoa). I've even heard tell that she doesn't need a record contract any more. But that might be speaking out of turn for me. Doesn't matter - she'll get there soon enough if she's not there already.

I know of only one other person out there who has heard of her before, and I have her to thank for tipping me off in the first place (thanks Michelle!). However, I am certain that I can easily collect a group to go check out her next show just by pointing you in the direction of her website Unfortunately, that would likely only attract primarily the male element of my audience. A one-sided view at best - and that's not what it's all about anyway, as far as I'm concerned. Her music is so vital and vibrant - that's what makes it all work. Yep. It's a show for everyone. Ready?

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