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Ozric Tentacles

Life is easy if you are a member of Ozric Tentacles. As best I can estimate, your day would consist of 1) smoking loads of pot, and 2) recording albums. They've pretty much mastered the "taking drugs to make music to take drugs to" feedback loop, in essence repeating steps 1 and 2 as many times as necessary to get through any day in particular. On one occasion, they apparently had such a sufficient supply of pot that they ended up printing the liner notes to one of their CDs on paper made of pot. But who are they, and what makes them go? They're a bunch of guys who live in an old mill in Somerset, England, which they've turned into a recording studio, where they've recorded some 12 albums (they've also put out 3 live albums) since the mid-80s. The name "Ozric Tentacles" is actually an imaginary breakfast cereal (Desmond Whisps, Gilbert Chunks, and Malcolm Segments all went by the wayside). I've never managed to see them live, having missed their first US gig a few years ago back at the Wetlands in NYC because of a pesky thermodynamics midterm. Musically, there really isn't much substance to the Ozrics - mostly just spacy instrumental jamming, which would probably annoy the heck out of you if you need the music you listen to *go* somewhere. However, if you think that seeing people who sometimes paint themselves blue and who have a mascot named 'The Pongmaster' would be entertaining, then I would recommend your attending these shows.

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