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DJ Honky

It was sort of inevitable that DJ Honky came into being. You know how it is - you're travelling on business in Europe, and you decide to come back to the US via Iceland because it drops the price of the ticket. You've packed a pile of dusty old funk 45's in your luggage, and you manage to convince a club on the main street in Reykjavik to let you DJ for the daydrinkers (11pm-midnight), even though you've never touched a mixer or more than one turntable before in your life. It's a common problem, I know. There's no telling what DJ Honky will play - pretty much everything is fair game, from a heaping helping of soul and funk to Puerto Rican salsa, to Polish jazz, Nigerian afrobeat, Kenny Rogers, and yes, even the infamous "Pease Porridge". Here's what audiences in Iceland are saying about DJ Honky:

"Hey, when can we listen to what we want to listen to?" - Drunk guy at bar.
"Can we turn the jukebox on again?" - The other drunk guy at bar.
"You really should play more country music." - Drunk guy at another bar.

A couple stories:

  • DJ Honky's first show, and travels around Iceland.
  • A little story about New Orleans, and a record I found there.

    Selected Mixography:

    Occasionally, I put mixes together for friends and nice folks I meet on my travels. Email me with your mailing address if you'd like a copy of one - but realize it might take quite some time for me to get back to you.


  • Jewels of Black Vinyl. (limited edition of 500 - available)
  • DJ Honky - Summer tour 2004, part 2. (available)
  • DJ Honky is diggin' what he's doin'. (available)
  • DJ Honky's blues. (available)
  • The sounds of eternal summer. (available again soon)
  • DJ Honky goes to Iceland. (limited edition of 50 - 20 remaining)
  • My Northern Soul. (coming in 2006 - half done!)

    Out of print:

  • I am DJ Honky.
  • The adventures of DJ Honky in the LA underground.
  • Return of the Funki.
  • Midnight in the Garden of Eden.
  • Sounds from the Honky hi-fi.
  • DJ Honky throws a psychedelic party.
  • DJ Honky y su Latino sound.
  • Sounds from the road.
  • DJ Honky brings the soft rock.
  • DJ Honky - Summer tour 2004.
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